Circular Mastery

Circular Mastery is a plugin for Unity that allows to create beautifully animated 2D circular bars and circles using materials and shaders. The best purpose of the plugin is to create widgets for loading-screens, but since it is very versatile, it can be used just to create a simple circle without using a fixed image or to create a circular progress bar that shows some kind of statistics or the loading progress.

  • Shaders written in CG code embedded in ShaderLab with full code access.
  • Material usable for both UI Image and Sprite2D.
  • Scripts written in C# with full code access.
  • Editor extensions to create essential GameObjects and Monobehaviours.
  • Support for Unity 5.+ and 2017.+ (tested on Windows and Mac).
  • Build support for Android, Windows, macOS
  • Demo scenes included
  • Documented and commented code for improved readability.



Circular Mastery on the Assets Store


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