I was born in Padova in 1987, December 30th, and I grew up in Porto Viro, Rovigo (Italy). Among the many passions, I've always had a big interest for technology and video games. This led me to study in the first place computer science and later on game development. More recently I’m interested in various aspects of design and visual art, studying many book on the matters.

I started developing tools and simple games in the later 3 years, using different engines and programming languages, as side projects along with a full time job. I’m also constantly growing my knowledge on video game history and retro games and I started to partecipate to game jams.

In the spare time I play lots of videogames, I partecipate to game jams (if I can) and I like to feed my artistic passions and needs watching a lot of movies (possibly in theater), playing guitar and drawing free hand and digitally.


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