RaspberryBoy – BuildLog #5


Here we are again on this slow (but constant) process of building my RaspberryBoy. For those who don’t know what it is, it’s a retro console, made using parts of an original Game Boy and a Raspberry Zero (explained here).

This time let’s talk about the audio circuit. Like said (here) I bought an audio amplifier from Adafruit and like most of the tutorials on the matter recommend, I connected the red cable and the brown cable (I didn’t have a black one) to power the amp, I took the power directly from the Raspberry Zero. I wired the green and orange cables to an audio jack just to test it with an audio source. In the final version these two cables will take audio source from the Raspberry, but I’m not ready yet for this.

Eventually the white and blue cables had to connect the output jack and the speaker in a way that if some headphones are plugged in the speaker it will automatically disable itself.

The wiring is still rough and the audio is a little bit noisy but I will replace the wires with some thicker ones and be more careful with the soldering. To complete this audio step, I will have to connect the external audio card to the Raspberry and I will have to enable it as the main audio source, for that I think I will have to use some commands from the operating system. I will put this step on a future post, maybe regarding the system configuration.

While writing this post I realized that this buildlogs could be more useful if I included some wiring diagram especially while talking about wiring matters. In the future post I will make diagrams when needed and I will update the previous ones and add the diagrams. In the next step I will modify the input board for input controls. Stay tuned 🙂

I define myself as a creative developer.

I define myself as a creative developer.