RaspberryBoy – BuildLog #4

The screen and the case

Firstly I have to apologize but I’m not working so much on this project and the articles are posted rarely. Anyway, my idea is to proceed component by component and talk about how I managed the issue of fitting all the stuff in the case and making it work. In case you didn’t read the previous posts, here they areThis post is about how I’ve prepared the screen and the case.


The screen

My choice for the screen was similar to this one (link), apparently used for car parking as monitor for not bumping obstacles. This type of screen is often used in projects like this because it’s very small, compact and cheap, but some of them need some electronic modification to run the screen to a different voltage, but fortunately was not my case. I started to unmount the screen to take only the panel, and it was pretty easy, I have to admit. After replacing its cable with thicker ones, I’ve placed some black tape to cover the metal to avoid unwanted contacts. I try and tested the screen with the Raspberry with temporary soldering and it worked! It’s just a little bit noisy but I think it depends on the quality of the fast soldering I’ve done.

The case

To modify the case, I used a rotary tool with different heads, and following the tutorial of wermy on sudomod(link) I cut out all the unneeded parts  for this build. This processes are probably the most difficult of the project, and after finishing the work I was not really happy with the results. I will change the case in the future maybe.


The next post will be on audio and how I will settle the audio components in order to work. Stay tuned 🙂



I define myself as a creative developer.

I define myself as a creative developer.