RaspberryBoy – BuildLog #2

Disassemble the DMG-01

In the last post I talked about the beginning of the project and what I will have to do in the future weeks which is starting to disassemble an original (not functioning) DMG-01 and starting to modifying the case using a rotary tool. I did it, and I did a good job, not perfect by the way, which is why I ordered an extra case to make the official modifications only when I’m sure of all the matters I can encounter doing it.

Meanwhile I’m waiting for the last few parts to arrive and I started to disassemble the motherboard, for taking the parts I can reuse in my build, which are: the audio speaker, some switches and (most importantly) the cartridge reader. The final goal of using the original cartridge reader is to modify a cartridge and put inside of it the micro SD for the Raspberry SO, in a removable fashion, and use the cartridge itself as an external “cartridge SD”.

I was able to remove all the components not needed like the old screen, some capacitors and resistors since I’m gonna replace the screen and use the circuit just for the controls. The next step for the motherboard will be to cut it and to keep just the part near the controls and modify it allowing to have four buttons instead of the standard two. Recently the guy that created this build uploaded a video showing all the custom motherboards created by usersof his forum (video). If I can’t get my motherboard working these are good alternatives.

I’m also taking a look at the forum and some other videos. There are lots of new inputs for a custom project like mine. Just to mention one extra thing I can add, is to use an optical fiber to bring outside the lights of the charging module to make the charging state visible.

In the next post I will show you all the parts I have (hopefully the complete set) and all the things I’m planning to do (and what I’ve already done). The build state is still pretty rough right now but I’m going to refine all the details.

Stay tuned for future posts 🙂


I define myself as a creative developer.

I define myself as a creative developer.