RaspberryBoy – BuildLog #1

Discover the Raspberries

Recently I’ve bought a Raspberry Pi 3 and I started to play with it and installing some dedicated operating systems and doing some researches on what could be done with this tiny machines. The model I bought is not even the smallest one. If I have to describe it in one word, it would definitely be amazinglySmall 🙂 .

I also came across the vast set of projects done with the Raspberries (here) and I’ve found a lot of interesting projects of different genres and purposes. Finally I discovered the branch of projects about retro modding, in which this tiny machines are used to create custom retro consoles with an operating system containing lots of emulators of retro consoles. You can either use a plain Raspberry Pi to play with this emulators or you can put it in a case, portable or not.

There are a lot of good projects like the ones proposed in the Adafruit (here) with detailed circuit diagrams and high res photos. The projects are mostly created with 3D printed cases for portable consoles similar to different Game Boy versions.

By the way, Adafruit is the best place to go if you want to create any type of project with Raspberry and other similar devices. They have a lot of products and kits that can avoid a lot of headaches if you don’t know much about electronics and you have to build some parts by yourself.

Starting my build

I finally found this video with this guy showing his project to take an existing Game Boy DMG-01 and modify it and he did a pretty good job. He used a Raspberry Pi 0 and several other parts. He also posted a series of video like a step by step guide and his site has a very useful wiki section and a forum as well.

I have a little knowledge of electronics and a propension to use screwdrivers and tools so why not! I started to look around and try to find all the components I need to make my version of his Game Boy Zero, called RasperryBoy. I’m planning not to do everything he did but I will take his tutorials as inspiration. After several hours of research I found almost everything I need, or at least all the sites to find the parts. I live in Italy so to contain the shipment costs, I searched for italians or europeans retailer of Adafruit.

While the parts was on its way, I started with disassembling the case and make practice using a rotary tool. I think modifying the case is the most difficult part for the project because it’s visible. I had an old original DMG-01 and I started to modifying its case with the rotary tool nut I’m not sure if this case will be on the final build. I will post periodic updates on this project. Stay tuned 🙂

I define myself as a creative developer.

I define myself as a creative developer.